film score exercises, vol. 1

a collection of short films written, directed, edited and scored by john o’leary.

these short clips were created with self-imposed restrictions: in each case, the footage was shot quickly, then it was brought in for a rough edit, where an original soundtrack was composed, and all sound and visual effects created.

In each case, no more than 3 hours was allowed from start of filming to final upload to YouTube.

You are invited to watch a full-length compilation of all the films at once below. Also, each individual short is available to view on its’ own. 

Soundtrack album has been released for all music composed for the series. See links below for Spotify, Apple Music, etc. 

Film Score Exercises 1-13 and Bonus Film:

Exercises 1-13 & Bonus: "Welcome To Turner Reservoir"

Note: Exercise no. 7 has been omitted, as the director was not satisfied with the finished product.